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November 2004

The Tsunami2000 Single is finally ready for manufacture! Initially it is offered for compression of standard analogue video, but due to the number of enquiries for high-resolution image compression, we are currently investigating the best route to support memory-memory compression/decompression.

Layout of the Tsunami2000 Quad is underway.

January 2004

Analog Devices are due to launch their succesor to the ADV601 wavelet compressor - the ADV202. We aim to offer products based on this device in Q2 of this year. See the "Tsunami 2000" page for details.

December 2002

Following recent work by the Linux community to finally resolve outstanding issues in the Video For Linux 2 API, a new version of the Tsunami drivers are being produced to comply with VFL2. Although this is essentially just a "wrapper" for the original drivers we hope that offering a "familiar" API will make it even easier for developers to get started with Wavelet video.

November 2002

Software codec development under way. Tsunami Duplex ready to prototype. Tsunami Mux outline design complete.

August 2002

Tsunami Single samples to beta testers. Prototype OSD option card produced.

June 2002

Final revision of Tsunami Quad for production. Due to customer interest, we have brought forward plans to produce a low-cost single channel simplex card. Final Windows drivers released to testers.

May 2002

Pre-production Tsunami Quad demonstrated at "IFSEC 2002" in the NEC, UK. The card was used by a new entrant to the security market to demonstrate multi-channel realtime performance of their surveillance recorder product.





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