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Tsunami Single

Video surveillance
Digital video recorders
Server replay channels
Animation assistance
ADV601 evaluation platform
Wavelet research and educat
PCI single channel capture/compress/decompress/display
  • Realtime operation - 50ips PAL (60 ips NTSC)
  • Full CCIR601 resolution (PAL - 704*576, 4:2:2 sampling)
  • Hardware compression - negligible CPU and PCI overhead
  • Wavelet algorithm - superior to MJPEG solutions
  • Compression from 4:1 to 300:1
  • 4 switchable CVBS inputs (2 Y/C inputs using adaptor)
  • 1 CVBS output (1 Y/C output using adaptor)
  • Proven Analog Devices ADV601 codec
  • Video and auxiliary I/O expansion headers
  • Drivers for Linux and Windows 2000
  • Multiple boards supported

Tsunami Single provides an easy route to video capture and replay using wavelet compression with the popular Analog Devices ADV601 codec. At low compression rates and with Y/C input, near-broadcast video quality can be achived. At high compression, results are significantly better than comparable MJPEG systems.

Where simultaneous capture and replay are not required, Tsunami Single is a complete solution. Alternatively, video may be displayed on the host VGA screen by software decompression and rendering but this is very CPU intensive if high resolution and frame rate are required.

Although Tsunami Single is fundamentally a single-channel device, its video decoder has 4 inputs which may be selected under software control, permitting multi-channel operation at modest frame rates.

Due to the variety of possible user requirements for special features (video connectors, alarm and trigger I/O etc) few facilities are provided on-board. Standard headers allow the use of simple plugin adaptors as required.

Basic Linux drivers are provided in source form, making an ideal evaluation platform for the ADV601. Even developers with no Linux experience can have a system installed and running in an hour or so.



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