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Tsunami Quad

Video surveillance
Digital video recorders
Video playout servers
Video time shifting
Broadcast monitoring
Multi-viewpoint recording
  • 4 channel no-compromise capture & compression
  • realtime operation - 200ips PAL (240 ips NTSC)
  • full CCIR601 resolution on all channels
  • hardware compression - minimal CPU and PCI bus loading
  • wavelet algorithm - superior to MJPEG methods
  • independent video and compression settings for each channel
  • compression from 4:1 to 300:1
  • proven Analog Devices ADV601 codecs
  • video and auxiliary I/O accessory headers
  • drivers for Linux and Windows 2000
  • multiple boards supported
  • low cost - comparable to previous switched/multiplexed solutions

Tsunami Quad is unique amongst wavelet cards in offering full resolution AND full frame rate capture and compression simultaneously on all 4 channels. This is achieved by providing a dedicated video decoder and compressor for each input. In fact, the card appears to the user exactly like 4 separate Tsunami Single cards.

Although video may be replayed by software decode and rendering to a VGA screen, this requires a powerful CPU to approach realtime performance. For best results a Tsunami Single card should be used for replay to CCTV format.

Due to the wide variety of user requirements for special facilities (video connectors, alarm and trigger I/O etc) Tsunami 4 has only basic facilities on-board. Access is provided to all necessary points via standard headers to allow production of simple plugin adaptors as required. A range of typical accessory boards are under development, driven by customer demand.



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