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Tsunami Introduction

The original TSUNAMI range of video compression products are designed around the Analog Devices ADV601 wavelet video codec. This well-proven codec provides compression performance superior to MJPEG devices, and offers a number of unique features. See the "Tsunami FAQs" for more details.

The Tsunami 2000 range with the new Analog Devices ADV202 codec, supporting JPEG2000 compression, will be introduced in late 2004 and is expected to gradually replace the original product as experience grows in use of this new device.

At the heart of all TSUNAMI products is a a custom PCI interface designed by Databuzz for optimum performance with the ADV601 and ADV202.

Drivers are supplied in source form for Linux, which is the principal supported OS. Basic drivers are provided for Windows 2000/XP. These have a common interface across all members of the family - a quad card behaves just like 4 single channel cards! The hardware architecture is "open" and assistance is available for porting to other systems.

The TSUNAMI range is designed and manufactured in the UK by Databuzz, and a high level of support is available for developers working with these products. Basic Linux drivers are provided in source form, making an attractive evaluation platform for the Analog Devices chips.

For OEMs seeking a cost-effective solution for manufacture, attractive volume pricing is available. Licencing for own-brand production is possible.

Custom implementations can be undertaken where a user has special physical requirements, or wishes to integrate additional hardware.

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