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Tsunami 2000

Video surveillance/transmission
Digital video recorders
Video editing
Animation monitoring
ADV202 evaluation platform
Wavelet research and education
  • single channel capture+compress/decompress+display
  • hardware compression - low CPU and PCI overhead
  • realtime operation - 50ips PAL (60 ips NTSC)
  • full BT601 resolution (PAL - 704*576, 4:2:2 sampling)
  • JPEG2000 standard compression - j2c and jp2
  • Analog Devices ADV202 codec
  • wavelet 5/3, 9/7, and lossless modes
  • constant quality and near-constant bit rate modes
  • 4 switchable CVBS inputs (2 Y/C inputs using adaptor)
  • 1 CVBS output (1 Y/C output using adaptor)
  • video and auxiliary I/O expansion headers
  • PCI 33MHz/32bit universal card 3.3/5v
  • drivers for Linux (Windows under development)
  • multiple boards supported

Tsunami2000 utilises the recently-launched ADV202 from Analog Devices, successor to their popular ADV601 Wavelet codec. The ADV202 has the significant advantage of being based on the JPEG2000 compression standard. Unlike original DCT-based JPEG, the JPEG2000 standard uses Wavelet compression methods, and enjoys many of the same advantages as the trusty ADV601.

JPEG2000 encodes each video field separately. This makes for simplicity in subsequent image handling and ensures the integrity of each image.

The ADV202 is a system-on-chip, embodying an ARM7 processor to control its Wavelet compression hardware and format the resulting data stream. By uploading different firmware it is possible to implement variations on the basic compression. Currently Analog Devices support .j2c and .jp2 formats, and firmware is promised for the Motion JPEG 2000 format (.mj2 files).

This board is a drop-in physical replacement for the original Tsunami. Drivers are essentially similar, with some additions necessitated by the new features of the chipset.

A quad version of this card is currently in preparation.




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