Embedded System Design & Video Compression Products

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Embedded System Design & Video Compression Products

We are a small electronic product design house established in 1981 near Ipswich in the East of England. Our experience includes the following fields:

  • Telecomms signalling and transmission design and approvals
  • Industrial control, telemetry and logging systems
  • Airborne video link systems
  • Low power radio telemetry and radiolocation systems
  • Network embedded products
  • Control products for the broadcast industry
  • Digital video storage and transmission

We are currently working with the following technologies:

  • Microchip PIC controllers
  • 8051 controllers
  • Hitach H8 controllers
  • x86 embedded processors
  • Desktop and embedded PCs
  • Quicklogic PCI interfaces
  • Xilinx CPLD and FPGA
  • Various digital video technologies, especially compression
  • Windows and Linux Device Drivers and applications


We are about to launch the Tsunami 2000 range, using the Analog Devices ADV202 JPEG2000 codec. See the "Tsunami 2000" page for more details.

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